Quick and easy cookies


This how to make strawberry and oat cookies really quickly and super easily!

You’re welcome 😘

Not that I can take full responsibility for these babies, as I made them straight from a jar by Bake It Easy.

It came as part of a gift bag from the lovely Emma O’Farrell at this year’s BloggerConf in the Marker Hotel, and contained a mix of strawberry pieces, coconut, oats, and madagascan vanilla! Nom!

All the dry ingredients are included in the jar, and all that’s required to bake the cookies is a spoonful of honey, one egg and some butter! Easy-peasy.



Prepare the wet ingredients in one bowl, and the dry ingredients in another. The dry stuff comes out in clumps after being compressed in the jar for so long, so you’ve gotta break it up with a spoon until it looks a bit like dry porridge.

Then add your wet bowl to the dry bowl and stir it all together with a wooden spoon until it looks a bit like cooked porridge.

Like so:

image     image

Use a teaspoon to make 15 little cookies on an ungreased baking tray and pop the whole lot in a preheated oven at 180° for 12 minutes!

What I really like about this Bake It Easy product is that it’s all 100% made in Ireland. From way down south in Knockngoshel, Co Kerry, comes the niftiest, tastiest sweet treat.

image                       image

I’m in love with these cookies, and I even got a thumbs up from dad for them (he’s usually against any snack that isn’t an apple so that’s really saying something!)

If you live in Munster, Bake It Easy is stocked in a wide range of stores, the full list of which you can find here.

But if you live anywhere else in Ireland or the UK, you can order these handy jars online for just a fiver. There’s free delivery too, so you’ve no excuse not to order some! (This is not an ad, btw. I just really like the cookies) You can do so here.

The strawberry and oat ones I made today are heavenly so I’ll definitely be ordering another jar of that soon – but I also want to try out their Choca Bloc cookies because, well, it’s chocolate and like, yum yum.

Rating out of 10? Definitely 10.

(P.S. My house smells like a bakery and I’m suddenly the happiest girl in the world 😍)



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