Protein Pancakes


Instagram is jammers with hashtags like #fitfam, #proteinjunkie, and #fitspo – and as a severe sufferer of FOMO (fear of missing out) I’ve decided to see what all the fuss is about.

Beautifully filtered pictures of even more beautiful protein pancakes made my stomach grumble so I decided to experiment with those. After a few days of researching various protein powders, I settled on vanilla flavoured whey protein. I had toyed with the idea of chocolate flavour – but the helpful sales assistant in Holland & Barrett (not an ad) advised me that I’m better off sticking to vanilla and adding chocolate toppings if desired. That was brilliant advice, because I haven’t desired chocolate pancakes once since then. Instead, I’ve been adding fruit (raspberries and bananas) and coconut.

The first batch of pancakes I made looked less like pancakes and more like an omlette that had been run over by a car. I made them by combining two eggs, some baking powder, a banana, and two spoonfuls of protein powder.

The mixture was too runny and didn’t stay in a pretty round shape. Each supposed-to-be pancake ran off in different directions on the pan, leaving me with some little and some large splat-shaped cakes.

My friend Ana is a protein-pancake-pro and suggested I add some oats to my mixture to thicken it up. This worked miracles. Second time around, my pancakes were not only round, but extra fluffy too! Nom nom.



The recipe for these is as follows:

-2 eggs (hold the yolks if you’re cholesterol conscious)
-A scoop and a half of Flahavens Quick Oats
-2 tbsp of vanilla flavour whey protein powder
-Coconut oil
-Raspberries (optional for toppings)

-Prepare eggs, powder and oats in a bowl by whisking together with a fork until well-combined
-Heat a pan with some coconut oil, and once hot, add the mixture to the pan using a tablespoon.
-Cook each pancake on either side for 20-30 seconds until brown then pop onto a plate and serve with raspberries.

These pancakes are my new addiction and they’re so good when served with a strong cup of Barry’s tea.

I completely understand the hype on Instagram now and am more than happy to have hopped on the bandwagon. It’s not often that healthy food feels like a treat so I’m going to be scoffing these all the time without the post-meal guilt.


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