This week I’m doing a #throwback to when the weather was reflective of the season and Stephen and I visited Howth.

It was warm enough and sunny enough to warrant wearing sunblock, shorts and sunglasses, so a day trip to the coast seemed like the perfect plan.

We left Blanchardstown in the early afternoon and followed Google Maps’ directions to Howth’s waterfront.

We parked near the cliffs and strolled down to the town, passing a whole range of people from American tourists to scantily-clad teenagers soaking up the sun.

Stephen had brought a lunchbox of fruit that we enjoyed as a starter on our way to Crabby Jo’s restaurant for lunch. Watermelon, grapes and strawberries taste nicer than usual when it’s over 20°C.

Lunch was delicious. I ordered a juicy beef burger with cheese and relish while Stephen had a classic fish and chips (“How can you come to Howth and not have fish and chips?!” he had said).

After lunch we sat on the pier, watching boats come and go across the Irish Sea.


I had an obligatory 99 cone with strawberry syrup on our way from the pier to climb the cliffs. But when we reached the top a little spider crawled on top of me and I almost lost my life with the fright. So it was time to go home.

If the good weather returns I’d love to go back. C’mon mother nature and bring us some sun!


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