Back from my blogging break


I really hurt myself falling off the blogging wagon. But I’m back!

What a busy few weeks it’s been. Not only was it my dad’s birthday, mam’s birthday, and boyfriend’s birthday, but it was also my brother-in-law’s birthday and my sister’s one-year wedding anniversary!

Needless to say that my bank balance has seen healthier days.

Nevertheless, the spending was worth it. Nothing beats surprising the ones you love with thoughtful gifts and spending quality time with them too. 

Mam’s birthday was a big one! The big ‘Six’ ‘Oh’ to be exact. We had a celebratory party at home with her sisters, friends and neighbours and the house is still full of all the sweets and treats that we couldn’t finish on the night. My waist is becoming increasingly rotund as I try to eat it all. #SozNotSoz 

My sister and I surprised mam with a holiday to the ancient city of Rome. It’s somewhere she’s always wanted to visit, and there’s no time like the present! I’ll be accompanying her there (lucky me!) in a few months and we’ll spend 4 days exploring the sights, having tea with the Pope and eating pasta. Can’t wait! (My waistline is less than impressed but sure, ‘when in Rome’ and all that.)

I’ve been busy growing my fingernails too, and I’ll probably do a separate post on that soon with more details on the nail products I’ve been using. I’ve been a chronic nail-biter since I’ve had teeth, so this is a huge deal for me. I’m very excited about not having to pay €50 for acrylics everytime I want to look like a girl. Woo! 

Also, who else is delighted the football is FINALLY over? It felt like the Euros 2016 would never come to an end. But what an end it was! Poor Ronaldo crying his heart out due to injury and the moth landing on his eyeball to make it all that little bit worse. Poor chap.

Other than that, I’ve just been working a lot lately. Those bills gotta be paid, y’know.

And on that note, I’m off to iron my clothes for the morning. 


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