My day off in the sunshine

After working my bum off for the past five days, nothing could make my day off any better than this glorious sunshine.

Clifford is absolutely melting, the poor thing.

Snapchat’s temperature filter tells me it’s 23°C, but it feels more like 28°C with the lack of a cool breeze.

With my pale, freckled complexion and gingeresque hair, I can’t stay outside for more than 10 minutes at a time. But that’s long enough to take these gorge photos!

My plan for the rest of the afternoon is to hang out with my family, indulge in whatever I can find in the fridge, and relax my bones before going back to work tomorrow. 

Payday is this Thursday, thank jeepers. I need moolah for when I catch up with some old friends from college at the weekend. I haven’t seen the girls since January, so we’ve loads to catch up on – and a little Dublin pub-crawl will make it all the more fun!

I’ll leave it at that for now; I want to chance my arm at another 10 minutes in the sun.


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