Weighing In On Swiddleston

​Taylor Swift has been getting torn to shreds online following the whole Calvin Harris / Tom Hiddleston debacle, and I’ve been feeling so sorry for her because of it.

This post is about why I’m Team Taylor. 

Going through a breakup is difficult enough without having your every move scrutinised by hundreds of thousands of strangers online. 

Taylor Swift is a real person with real feelings, and it’s not uncommon for a girl to seek affection from a new guy when the old guy has broken her heart.

It’s natural for a young woman to seek comfort in another man; Rebounds happen whether you’re famous or not. 

Just because she’s in magazines and has more money than we do doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel what we feel.  She’s a girl in her mid-twenties looking for love.

Has every relationship you’ve been in been perfect?

Have you never said or done things that you regret?


But lucky for you, you didn’t have the world’s nosiest paparazzi documenting your every move, word, mistake and reaction.

So what if she started dating someone soon after a breakup? She’s not hurting anyone. If anything, she’s helped boost Calvin’s career and popularity. 

Let’s cut Taylor some slack.


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