Instagram Stories 

Today Instagram launched its new Stories feature and it has left social media obsessives like myself feeling both confused and divided.

I’ve compiled a list of pros and cons of this new Insta update and you’ll quickly see what side of the fence I’m on.


1. I got to see Taylor Swift’s cat. 

2. I learned that Kate Hudson is like a real, normal person who hates the effort of washing her hair. (Same.)

Cons (and lots of them…):

1. I don’t like how Instagram literally ROBBED the idea of Snapchat stories. They didn’t even put their own spin on it – it’s literally the exact same. Not cool, guys.

2. I’ve found that InstaStories take longer to load / buffer than stories on Snapchat. It sort of freezes on people’s faces mid-vid for a couple of seconds before continuing. 

3. It’s more difficult to find stories I’m interested in because they’re presented horizontally and in non-alphabetical order. Snapchat’s vertical and alphabetical list of friends makes it much easier to find your favourite stories to watch. 

4. When I watch somebody’s InstaStory and it’s SUPPOSED to move on in chronological order – occasionally it reverts back to a few InstaSnaps previous which means I’ve to watch the whole story twice. Feckin twice! 

*and exhale*

So basically what I’m trying to say is Snapchat is where the party’s at and where the party should stay.


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