The 4 ladies to follow if you love NYC

​The dream I had of moving back to New York on the 12-month graduate visa quickly slipped away when I realised how much my savings account had been depleted during my final year of college. 

So to soothe my dented heart I’ve been following a number of Snapchat stories, vlogs and blogs of young Irish women who are making my dream their reality.  

Seeing these ladies going about their daily lives in the Big Apple has allowed me to indulge in my favourite city without spending a penny. (Well… unless you count my bill to Meteor for excessive data consumption…)

If, like me, you’re obsessed with the streets, style, food, pets and people of NYC and would like to see it from an Irish perspective then here are the best accounts to follow. 

LC’s Closet

Lorna takes the most beautiful photos of the city’s landmarks, including the Empire State Building, Flat Iron Building and the Brooklyn Bridge. She’s full of random facts and is Snapchat’s best NYC tour guide. 

Life of a Lady Bear

Michaela is the number one account to follow if you like puppies. She always finds the cutest dogs in the city and shares them with her followers both on Snapchat and Instagram. Michaela also works at Teen Vogue and documents behind-the-scenes footage of her job and the people she meets along the way (including JoJo and Emma Roberts!)

Michaela is really down to earth and is honest about how living in a place as big as New York can make you feel quite lonely. But she’s optimistic and reminds her followers that even when things seem ultra crappy they will always get better in time.

Retro Flame

Erika Fox is the most hardworking, dedicated and entrepreneurial person I’ve ever come across online. You can read her full story here, but long story short she moved from County Kerry in Ireland to Manhattan a couple of years ago. After some serious dedication to her blog she is now self-employed and about to move into a nice, spacious apartment (which is hard to come by in New York!) She’s an inspiration to anyone trying to achieve a goal and she really reinforces the idea that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Tar Mar

This girl is quirky and stylish, blending Irish charm with city chic. Her Instagram shows off her distinguished style so well – with striking black, white and grey images throughout. Tar Mar is also one to follow if you love adorable dogs – and like LC’s closest can be counted on for stunning photos of the cityscape. 

These four young Irish women can be found under the above names on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as well as on their own individual blogs  (linked above) and YouTube channels.


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